Enhancing Leadership: The New Science of Decision Making

Biased decision making is bad decision making. New scientific research reveals fascinating insights into how even the most experienced and accomplished decision makers unknowingly fall prey to hidden biases.

Fortunately, the art of professional judgment is becoming more of a science, too. This two-day seminar applies a simple yet powerful model from the field of business psychology to help people overcome common bias traps and consistently make high-quality decisions to improve personal and team performance.

Several of the world's largest professional services firms, including KPMG, have implemented this model with tremendous success. Executives learn how to identify and eliminate systematic biases that impact sound judgment and leverage their learnings to lead those around them more effectively. During the seminar, emphasis will be placed on the judgment and decision making concepts that are most essential for leaders and for accelerating the development of professional judgment in others in the organization.

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  • The necessary components of a high-quality professional judgment process in leaders
  • How judgment traps often short-circuit high quality professional judgment, even in the most seasoned leaders
  • Ways in which our judgment can be systematically biased by common psychological shortcuts and heuristics
  • Critical concepts and a common vocabulary to identify and mitigate bias and accelerate the development of sound professional judgment at all organizational levels

Program Details

Prerequisite:  None
Preparation:   None
Level of Knowledge:   Intermediate
Field of Study:   Personal Development
Delivery Method:   Group Live, Instructor-Led Course

Course Leaders

Douglas F. Prawitt, Ph.D., CPA, Professor at Brigham Young University
William B. Tayler, Ph.D., CMA, Professor at Brigham Young University

Course Testimonials

"Great way to become more aware of the framework and biases that affect decision-making both in the office and in life." - Senior Associate Counsel, Industry Trade Organization

"Great class. Very interesting subject matter with a framework with which to rely on for decision making." - Accounting Manager, Multinational Brewing Company

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